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Ashurst School Governor Council

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Find out more about our School Class Governors

What is the School Governor's Council?

Our School Governors consists of a group of pupils, elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with our Headteacher and Governors in the school. Our representatives listen to their peers and effect change which benefits all pupils and the school as a whole.


Why do we have a School Governors?

We have a School Class Governors because we value all pupils’ ideas and opinions. Our School Council enables every pupil to enjoy and feel empowered by their education and school life. All children are able to voice their feelings and be heard; this allows everyone to play an active role in making decisions and changing school for the better.


What do the School Class Governors do?

Each year school representatives are elected by their peers to represent their year group and form our School Class Governors. This allows everybody to have a chance to be elected. The School Governor representatives meet regularly to discuss issues and democratically make decisions to help get pupils what they want or need.


What have the School Class Governors achieved?

The School Governors have contributed to changes to our behaviour policy, helped to construct a new Team Points system and affected change for improved play and lunch times.  In addition to this they decide which fundraising events they want school to support gaining feedback from all pupils.


2018-19 Focus

  • To enhance Kagan teaching and learning in lessons and feedback on this and how teachers challenge us in all lessons.
  • To further enhance a love of reading with this at the heart of all learning across the curriculum.
  • To raise awareness about mental health issues and appoint mental health ambassadors as part of this years developments.
  • To decide on fundraising events for 2018-19.



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