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Year 3

 Learning Assistant

Mrs H. Murphy

Learning Assistant

Mrs M. Friar


Miss J. Fildes

Learning Assistant

Mrs L. Kenyon

About the class...

Year 3 - Miss Fildes

Learning Assistants - Mrs Friar, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Kenyon

Year 3 is an exciting year as the children learn how to be more independent and practice skills to encourage independent learning such as researching on the internet and using books and dictionaries.

They are encouraged to solve problems for themselves and rely less on support for day to day tasks.

Presentation and handwriting is very important and as the children move into the juniors they learn how important it is to present their work well.  

Most children will earn their pen by the end of year 3 – but this can only be achieved once they are joining their writing, spelling accurately and presenting their work neatly.

Learning Environment 

We have a safe, caring learning environment where children’s individual talents and achievements are recognised and built upon.  

We have both  Numeracy and Literacy working walls and the children are encouraged to develop their independence by accessing the resources when necessary. 

We have five ipads and three class computers plus have access to 15 laptops  each week, enabling us to have lots of opportunities to develop our computing skills.

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy are taught daily and are often incorporated into other lessons. 

The activities we complete range from practical to written and they are always differentiated to cater for the different learning needs of the children. 

Our Literacy lessons are taught around books such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'The Twits' and 'The Iron Man.'

We use the text to explore grammatical features and to provide us with inspiration for exploring and writing different text types.


We learn about lots of exciting topics through the Learning Challenge Curriculum, such as The Ancient Greeks, Rocks and Volcanoes, and the history of our local area. 

They go on some exciting trips and have visitors in school to extend their learning in these areas. Click on the 'Topic Web' documents, for more information.


Important things to remember: -

  • We have PE every Wednesday and Friday – please ensure that your full PE kits are in school for these sessions.
  • Homework is set on a Friday and is due back on the following Friday – please ensure you bring it back on time.
  • Reading books are changed as soon as the children have finished a book.  If there are any issues please don't hesitate to ask.
  • Spellings are provided as part of their homework and are tested the following Friday - please ensure your child learns these spellings at home.  We recommend little and often.
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Science Rocks  

As an introduction to our Science topic we analysed and discussed lots of different types of rocks. We didn’t realise that there were so many different types and this brought about many questions and observations. “Is this real chalk?”  “Why has this got lots of lines in it?”  “This looks like it has a diamond in it”   “There’s a leaf pattern on this one” “This looks like my nan’s fireplace”


Before we start learning any new strategies in Year 3, today we used our place value knowledge to read numbers in words, base 10, digits and partitioning. We worked with our Kagan partners discussing why we had chosen each representation. 

Fossil Hunters

 Today we became Paleontologists, searching for dinosaur fossils. We used our reading skills to find out more about these historical, extinct creatures.

Dinosaur Visit - Wow, what an amazing day we had at Ashurst this morning. We were visited by a 7 year old velociraptor and a baby one too. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed interacting with these dinosaurs and an added bonus ....... no-one was eaten alive !!

The Iron Man - Design & Technology

Year 3 are loving reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. As part of Design and Technology we designed our own life sized Iron Man and then made him out of recyclable material. Each  Kagan group then went on to make their own small Iron Man too.

We hope that you like them.

Erupting Volcano - As part of our topic we have emerged ourselves into home projects. Today we watched our fellow Scientist, Dylan, make his volcano erupt with fake lava.

He had placed bicarbonate of soda to the inside of his volcano and then poured vinegar and red colouring into it.   Look at our eruption!