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Excellence Everyday

Welcome to the Ashurst Family

Headteacher: Mrs L. Houghton
Deputy Headteacher: TBC

School Business Manager: Mrs C. Wilcock

SENCO : Mrs J. O'Brien

Pastoral Manager: Mrs D. Craven


Clerical Officer: Mrs L. Ormshaw


Year 6: Teacher - Miss L. Hughes
Learning Assistants - Mrs H. Murphy/Mrs L. Kenyon 

Year 5: Teacher -Miss E Hunter
Learning Assistants - Mrs W. Duffy 

Year 4: Teacher -Mrs K. Crampton
Learning Assistants -  Mrs J. Williams

Year 3: Teacher - Miss E. Collier
Learning Assistants -   Mrs M. Thompson & Mrs P. Evans (pm)

Year 2: Teacher - Miss J. Fildes 
Learning Assistants - Mrs E. Kempster

Year 1: Teacher - Miss R. Jones
Learning Assistants - Mrs N. Wood and Mrs Thompson (pm) & Mrs K. McKenzie

Reception: Teacher - Mrs M.  Bannister - Maternity cover - Miss P. Nelson
Learning Assistants - Mrs K Renshall, Mrs T. Holland and Mrs G. Goldsack (afternoons)


Nursery: Teacher - Mrs J. O'Brien
Learning Assistants - Mrs G. Goldsack (mornings) and Mrs K. McKenzie


SEMH - The PLACE: Teacher: Mrs R. Twist

Learning Assistants:  Mrs L. Wilkinson and Mr R. Winders


HLTA: PPA cover - Miss A. Forshaw

Lunchtime Team: Mrs G. McHale, Mrs M. Thompson, Mrs P. Evans, Mrs D. Mercer, Mrs  J. Williams, Mrs D, Craven, Mrs N. Wood, Mrs H. Murphy and Mrs W. Duffy

Oscar Club - Before and After School Club : Kelly Spark-Scully, Dave Walker, Debbie Mercer and Wendy Duffy