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Long term Plans and Topic Webs

Year 6 - Mr Lawton

Learning Assistants - Mrs P Prescott, Mrs W. Duffy, Mrs K. Mulligan and Mrs P. Evans

Teaching and Learning:

In Year 6 we are busy getting ourselves High School Ready. We try to make all our learning fun and enjoyable and the children really thrive to improve their learning in all areas of the curriculum.

There is a big emphasis on homework and extending learning beyond the classroom. Children are expected to have rapid recall of all their times tables, learn spellings weekly as well as the Year 5 and Year 6 Spelling List (Found in their Reading Records) Maths and Literacy homework is also sent on a Friday and is expected the following Wednesday. This is a vital aspect of Year 6 as this will become common practice when the children move up to High School. 

Key Stage Two Tests this year will take place wc 11th May 2020.

PE in Year 6 takes place on a Wednesday afternoon and our swimming lessons will commence on Thursday 12th September for a period of 6 weeks.

Later on in the Year, we will visit Kingswood for the Year 6 residential. This will take place during the week and further details and information will follow.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child's learning then please don't hesitate to call and make an appointment to see us.

Thanks for your continued support

Mr Lawton  and the Year Six Team



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The class of 2019 / 2020

Check out our learning  for this year! 

Manchester University Science Visit

We had some electrical engineers, who are working on cutting edge technology, eg moving things with your mind - come and talk to us and show us how to make electrical circuits. We all made a circuit and lit a light bulb - this was challenging but great fun! We now understand how lights in our own homes work, as this is the same but on a larger scale with more wires.

Guided Reading Drama Lesson

So far this year we have been reading the exciting book Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz. We love this funny story and to show our understanding of one chapter we acted out the scene David's train journey to Groosham Grange. Some of us really got into character and even ended up on the floor. Ask us to explain more.....................

Year 6 Class Assembly

Year 6 have written their own class assembly and shared this  with parents, carers and other adults  on Thursday 3rd October at 9:30 . The children have worked so hard to include their favourite lessons and learning from this term and performed fantastically in front of their audience. Thank you so much for your attendance and participation in order to make their assembly a memorable occasion for all.

Geography Fieldwork Trip to the Lake District.

  We visited the Brockhole Centre and learned about how tourism has an impact on the site - we walked round identifying features of both positive and negative effects and worked as team to discuss topics like erosion, congestion and polution - Did you know over 19 million people visited the Lake District in 2018? We looked at landscapes and went on a boat trip around Lake Windermere.

Blank Canvas

Working with St Helen's Chamber , we have looked at various issues that affect the young children of St Helens. Together we wrote a story about a girl called 'Helen' and produced a short dance telling her story. (Have a look at our story and Mental Health Poster below)

 MD productions - One day.docxDownload
 Mental Health Poster Presentation.pptxDownload
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Welcome to your new class, Year 6.  Take a look at the fantastic learning and enrichment opportunities that we experienced last year (2018-2019).  Keep checking this page for updates on our new learning this year.

Our Visit to the Brockhole Centre and Boat Trip in the Lake District

  As part of our studies on a contrasting locality we visited the Brockhole Centre and took part in some field work exercises looking at the immediate environment and problems and solutions that occur. We also took a fabulous boat trip across Lake Windermere and learned about the differences in landscapes  as well as the advantages and disadvantages of tourism.


DT and Science Puppet Theatres

As part of our science topic investigating light, we designed and made our own puppet theatres and investigated the effects of moving the light source away from the shadow puppet. We really enjoyed making these and have fun learning about shadows and lights - the measuring of the theatre frame had to be exact so there were no gaps on the front of our designs. 

Topic Presentations to the Class

After learning about our topic of Water, we worked at home to produce a presentation to the class based upon classwork. Some of use wrote poems, others recreated Andy Warhol Pictures and some children explained in detail all about the water cycle. These were fun to do and the class enjoyed listening to our presentations.

Math's Board Games

As part of our math's learning we invented our own math's board games. We planned, made and played these games and then taught Year 3 how to use them. We really enjoyed this and so did Year 3.

Topic Presentations

As part of our work on Viking, we used the internet to research different aspects of Viking life. We decided as a class that 'homes' and 'what children got up to' would be interesting to learn about. After working with our Kagan partners we put together a class presentation that we enjoyed telling the rest of our class about. 

Viking Feast

To end our topic on the Vikings we decided to have a Viking Feast - and what a feast it was! Children made a variety of tradition Viking dishes including Oat Bread, Green Soup, Viking Stew and Fruit Kebabs. The soup and stew went down a treat and children tasted and enjoyed food that they were 'suppose' to dislike.  Measuring the flour was tricky as Vikings didn't have scales (they just guessed)


We have really enjoyed our last two days with Mike (from Capoeria) who has taught us some fun ways to dance, move and do some gymnastics in a creative way. The games we played were fun and we all had an amazing time learning these new dances from different cultures. This Brazilian form of movement was both challenging yet  achievable by all. 

World Book Day

On 7th March - World Book Day - we read some books with Year 2. All children really enjoyed this and loved sharing their love of reading with another class. It gave us a time when we worked with children we don't normally work with and Year 6 were amazed at the reading level of the Year 2's.  (The costumes were amazing too!)

Science Week

During this week we made exploding volcanoes with chemical reactions, timed and made different helicopters, designed and drew an under water car as well as finding out about air resistance and why a sultana floats AND sinks in lemonade. Our science ambassador then showed this off to other schools and explained scientifically what we had done to the rest of the school.

Yoga -

We understand that looking after our mental health is important and to help us relax and learn techniques to relieve stress, Year 6 have embarked upon a 4 week Yoga programme.  We absolutely loved our first session. Some of us even went home and shared it with our families.


Kingswood 2019

The Year 6 residential was at Kingswood in Wales, we enjoyed all the activities and had a great time. Here are some of the pictures - the rest will be put onto CD for each child at the end of term.

Arts Week

During arts week we designed and made a castle, we also had a professional artist help us create some pencil sketches of castles as we focused on the dark side of Snow White.  We also made some'Wanted'  posters using our ICT skills.

Year 6 Leavers Prom

Everybody looked amazing at the Year 6 Leavers Prom. Children had a fantastic time playing games, eating, dancing and letting off their 'Wishes' on helium balloons. Good luck and all the best for your futures! 

Year 6 Go Bowling

As an end of year 6 treat - Yr 6 went bowling and managed to Strike their way to a great time in St Helen's Superbowl.