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This year we are excited to be working on the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark. This exciting programme of strategies, aims to tackle the negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics sometimes held by both adults and children. At Ashurst, we aim to challenge these widely held views  and promote a culture where people readily understand the positive impact that good numeracy skills can have on their lives. During the year we will be working closely with our Maths Ambassadors and implementing various projects that tackle this negativity issue around mathematics.

Our children are loving Times Tables Rockstars, please see the link below to access the website.  All children have their own personal login details.


Maths Leader - Mr Lawton

Maths Ambassadors 2018-201

Leon Johnson             Rebecca Ellis            Ethan Jones            George Ledger

One of our ways to raise the profile of maths was to ask the entire staff (including office staff, cleaning staff and kitchen staff) to put on post-its what maths they have done over the weekend. This always sparked some excellent mathematical discussions as many people don't believe that they actually do any maths outside of school, but when asked to think about it - THEY DO! The whole school then realised staff had been measuring, making, cooking and using maths all the time - even our headteacher had been measuring blinds to make sure they fitted perfectly! This was then taken into classes and children regularly discuss what maths they have done over the weekend. These are displayed in every classroom and children enjoy sharing their numeracy experiences with their peers.

Another initiative introduced by the ambassadors was a questionnaire for both staff and children. After explaining these to all classes throughout the school, the ambassadors collected the data sheets and the results are summarised below.

 Child                                                                                                                          Staff

92% enjoy maths lessons in school                              96% think they pass on their love of maths to those they teach

81% used real life problems in lessons                        81% think they solve real life maths outside school

90% children think their teachers love maths too     100% think maths skills are important as a life skill

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 staff voice questionnaire.docDownload
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Our Active Maths takes some of our maths learning outdoors - Year 6 did some work on area and perimeter and went outside with their Kagan partners to investigate (even the cold weather could not put them off.) "Getting outside to do your maths is fun and it makes it real for us" said Olivia.

Maths Ambassadors Visit Homework Club

Every week Mrs Hall runs a homework club where children can go along and get their homework done in school - our fantastic maths ambassadors have regularly attended this club and helped others with their homework. A real commitment to their role and amazing help to the children of Ashurst. Thanks to our hard-working ambassadors who give up their time to help others.


Maths Board Games

During Christmas Week Year 6 decided to design, make and test a maths board game that they then shared with Year 3. They came and played the exciting games that were explained by Year 6. This real life application of maths was fun and we look forward to seeing some of these being published in the future and on sale in the shops.



Whole School Christmas Dinner Maths Competition

At Christmas the ambassadors decided that we should have a Christmas competition involving Maths and the whole school. There was a competition about how far children's Christmas Dinner had travelled. All the children had an entry sheet where they wrote what food they had for their Christmas Dinner and then research roughly how far that food had travelled to get on their plates. Children sent their entries in and the two winners were Ethan Jones and Abbie Lohrenz. (Well Done!)


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Maths Monsters Go Home!


One of our latest initiatives is our whole school Maths Monster Project. Children are going to take their class monster home in order to showcase what maths goes on in the home. Parents will then Tweet or send their photos to be Tweeted so that our exciting maths learning can be seen on our school Twitter account.  We are looking forward to seeing what amazing maths goes on at home. Follow us on Twitter if you want to see this exciting feed.