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Excellence Everyday

Year 5 class 2020-2021

'Excellence Everyday'


'Learn, Live, Laugh and Love Ashurst'

Learn to be inspiring and make a difference to this world, we know how amazing you are,

Live with understanding and compassion for others, knowing we are all different and special in a community where equality stands tall,

Laugh and listen to the enjoyment of learning and excitement of everyone celebrating their achievements,

Love Ashurst, our special school and the hub of supportive staff, parents and children who aim high to be the best they can be.

Our new stars of Year 5! 



Mrs K. Crampton

Learning Assistant

Mrs J Williams




About the class...

Year 5 - Mrs K. Crampton

Learning Assistants - Mrs J. Williams

Year 5 is an extremely exciting year. A chance for our children to develop their confidence, independence and cooperation through a wide range of activities. As a member of the Year 5 team children are given many opportunities to develop important life skills through Literacy and Numeracy. They are encouraged to do the very best they can at every opportunity and the range of experiences are ever increasing. Excellence is key to what we do, whether children are inspired by a particular text such as Millions or an exciting Geography project.  We are sure our children will find our topics exciting which will make their experience in year 5 a rewarding one. 

Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve their full potential. That's why at Ashurst Mental health and well-being are high priority.  We work hard to support the children to be happy and free from worry and anxieties. Therefore, we encourage the children to connect, be active, keep learning, help others and take notice. We also use wonderful stories to explore themes linked to mental health and  well-being. 

Start Times:  8.45am 

Entry point: Main gates through to main KS2 doors

Finish Time: 3.00pm

Exit point: Main gates through to main KS2 doors


Learning Environment

 Our Learning Environment is specifically organised to be rewarding and stimulating. Children are encouraged to take ownership of displays and areas so that they grow with them throughout the year. Literacy and Numeracy are obviously very important and the key skills to excel in these areas are highlighted on bright and colourful displays. Help is never far away and children find examples of best practice close to hand. We have working walls and writing resources, all of which are designed to help with our children's learning. We are certain the children will learn from their time with us and demonstrate their learning through high quality work.


Rules and Routines

 At the beginning of the year children are encouraged to contribute to our class rules. This runs alongside the schools Golden Rules and is expected to further improve the learning environment for all and in turn developing strategies for 'Behaviour for Learning'. Conversation and discussion are encouraged in Year 5 and is balanced with dedication to learn and succeed through quiet and independent work.        


What do we learn?

 In Year 5 children cover a wide range of topics. Literacy and Numeracy play a huge part in everything they do. Children learn about many aspects and genre and grammar. In maths they will experience a wide and varied approach to all aspects of calculations and concepts. Through Science; they will learn about keeping healthy, properties of materials and the world around them through Challenge. In Science we will study life cycles of plants and animals and in History a range topics too; such as The Maya Civilisation and Charles 1st.


Year 5 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

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 Summer 1 2021 Topic Web.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 Topic Web 2020-21.pdfDownload
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Book recommendations for Year 5

Follow the link below to view a wealth of recommended books for your child in Year 5. 

You will never be short of book suggestions with this site. Children we hope you find something you love.

'The Reader Teacher' - Visit this site to view 100 'must reads' for YEAR 5  https://www.thereaderteacher.com/year5 

Our Learning 2020-2021

Space week

The children enjoyed investigating the difference in the size of the Sun, Earth and Moon. They had to use their mathematical skills to make them a specific size. The children were shocked at how small the Moon was compared to the Earth. 

Fieldwork in Geography

The children enjoyed looking at changes in other regions before investigating the changes in our local area. They went on a fieldwork to investigate what recent local changes are taking place as well as discussing what plans there could be for the future.