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Year 5



Mrs K. Crampton


Mr J. Robinson

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Learning Assistant

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Learning Assistant

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About the class...

Year 5 - Mrs K. Crampton

Learning Assistants - Mrs P. Evans, Mrs W. Duffy and Mrs N. Woods

Year 5 is an extremely exciting year. A chance for our children to develop their confidence, independence and cooperation through a wide range of activities. As a member of the Year 5 team children are given many opportunities to develop important life skills through Literacy and Numeracy. They are encouraged to do the very best they can at every opportunity and the range of experiences are ever increasing. Excellence is key to what we do. Whether children are inspired by a particular text such as Millions or an exciting Geography project.  We are sure our children will find our topics exciting which will make their experience in year 5 a rewarding one.


Learning Environment


Our Learning Environment is specifically organised to be rewarding and stimulating. Children are encouraged to take ownership of displays and areas so that they grow with them throughout the year. Literacy and Numeracy are obviously very important and the key skills to excel in these areas are highlighted on bright and colourful displays. Help is never far away and children find examples of best practice close to hand. We have working walls and writing resources, all of which are designed to help with our children's learning. We are certain the children will learn from their time with us and demonstrate their learning through high quality work.


Rules and Routines


At the beginning of the year children are encouraged to contribute to our class rules. This runs alongside the schools Golden Rules and is expected to further improve the learning environment for all and in turn developing strategies for 'Behaviour for Learning'. Conversation and discussion are encouraged in Year 5 and is balanced with dedication to learn and succeed through quiet and independent work.        


What do we learn?


In Year 5 children cover a wide range of topics. Literacy and Numeracy play a huge part in everything they do. Children learn about many aspects and genre and grammar. In maths they will experience a wide and varied approach to all aspects of calculations and concepts. Through Science; they will learn about keeping healthy, properties of materials and the world around them through Challenge. In Science we will study life cycles of plants and animals and in History a range topics too; such as The Maya Civilisation and Charles 1st.


Check out our Year Five class gallery!

Clonter Set & Lighting Design Workshop- We were very blessed to learn how to create a backdrop this morning with help from the Clonter Theatre Group. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use different materials to create their own set design with lighting, related to their upcoming topic (Rainforests) in Spring 2. Also, in Spring 2, the children will be visiting Clonter Theatre in order to perform a short piece about Rainforests with a chosen backdrop. 

Computing- As part of our Game Creator project, the children have really enjoyed learning how to create the games below. The children and teachers are very proud of the game they've produced this term. Why don't you have a go?

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Dinosaur visit-Wow! What a scary yet amazing experience we had today.  We were visited by a 7 year old velociraptor and a baby one too. We were able to interact with the dinosaurs as well as finding out about important facts such as fossils etc. 

Forces- The children enjoyed investigating the effect that gravity has on unsupported objects. They dropped a light and heavy object into flour to see its effects They also enjoyed investigating whether weight had an effect on the object falling and its impact with the flour. They used their mathematical skills to measure the diameter of the crater that the object had formed


Imperial War Museum- The children visited the Imperial War Museum as part of their World War II topic. They were able explore the impact of modern conflicts on people and society. Throughout their visit, they were able to visit exhibitions and events that covered real stories of war from WW1 to the present day. 

My Book Blog- The children have been reading 'The Railway Children' in class and have loved analysing the vocabulary used. Here they are on 'My book blog' writing comments about the previous chapter and using their inference skills to answer questions about the text. 

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