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Excellence Everyday

'Excellence Everyday'


View our curriculum activities for each year in the school including the statutory requirements.  Please view or curriculum documents which show key knowledge and progression as part of our broad and balanced curriculum by clicking on the following links to other pages on our website:

Curriculum End Points

For further information regarding our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact Mrs L. Houghton (Headteacher) or alternatively contact the subject leaders who you will find on the individual curriculum area pages under Curriculum.

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Equality in Teaching and learning

We provide all our pupils with the opportunity to succeed and to unlock their potential.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring equality of access for all pupils and preparing them for life in a diverse society
  • Using materials that reflect the diversity of the school, population and local community without stereotyping
  • Promoting attitudes and values that challenge any discriminatory behaviour or prejudice
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to appreciate their own culture and celebrate the diversity of other cultures
  • Seeking to involve all parents in supporting their child’s education
  • Utilising teaching approaches appropriate for the whole school population which are inclusive and reflective of our pupils.
  • Providing a well structured curriculum that promotes equality through resourcing, teaching units and open debate.

Early Reading at Ashurst

At Ashurst we use Read Write Inc to develop early reading skills, with all staff trained in RWI to ensure highly effective teaching of phonics.

As part of learning culture at Ashurst, staff are supported weekly through the Reading Leader supporting in coaching sessions and a weekly training session to ensure all staff are delivering high quality early reading sessions.  In addition, we have RWI development days involving external agency review and support to ensure the highest standards of early reading and effective use of the RWI portal to monitor early reading progress and assessment.

Read more about our approach to reading by clicking on the links below:

Reading at Ashurst

Read Write Inc Phonics