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Achievement and Performance Data

Achievement and Performance Data 

Results Explained…

At the end of both Key Stages 1 & 2 children take national tests (SATs).

At Key Stage 1, the attainment of children is measured. In effect this calculates the percentage of pupils working at ‘the expected level’ in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.

At Key Stage 2, the attainment and progress of pupils is also measured. Progress is a measure of improvement between a child’s KS1 result (4 years earlier) and their result at the end of Year 6. From 2016, progress is measured in terms of a scaled + or – score with zero as a statistical ‘median’- so, in really general terms, a school’s +  scoring may indicate positive progress whilst a negative score may indicate limited progress in certain groups.


Government ‘Floor- Targets’

Each year the Government issue ‘floor-targets’ for schools. This helps to identify schools that may need some support in a particular area. The floor target for KS 2  is either by:

  • Having a combined attainment score (in reading, writing and maths) of 59% (2023 data)+ Or:
  • Having progress scores that lie within ‘thresholds’ issued nationally.

We are above the national floor standard set by the DFE in terms of children achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and maths.