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Year 2

Meet the fabulous Year Two class 2019-2020

Year 2 staff

Teacher/Deputy Head

Mrs R.King

Learning Assistant

Mrs K.Bassett

Learning Assistant

Mrs L. Goldsack

Learning Assistant

Mrs J. Williams

About the class...

Year 2 - Mrs R King 
Learning Assistants - Mrs Bassett, Mrs Goldsack and Mrs Williams

Year 2 is a warm and welcoming classroom where lots of exciting learning takes place. We believe that children learn best when they are having lots of fun!

Therefore all of the lessons are interactive, exciting and engaging.

Throughout Year 2, the children continue to develop their own independence.

They are given lots of responsibilities and they challenge themselves to achieve their full potential! With support from teachers and family at home, the children work hard on their goals.

All individuals

Each child enters Year 2 at a different stage. Therefore we treat every child as an idividual and plan to cater for their individual needs.

We understand that every child learns in a different way and has different interests and it is our aim to adapt our teaching to suit the children.

We encourage their independence throughout, allowing them to take ownership of their learning and achievements and to understand how to solve problems on their own.

What do we learn?

We have daily maths and English/SPAG lessons.  Our English work links to a whole class text such as 'The dinosaur diary' and 'Who was Rosa Parks?'  We produce some fabulous writing linked to our text.  We have reading lessons to help us work on year group reading objectives.  We love finding evidence in reading to prove our points!  We have daily opportunities to read across the curriculum.  Staff will make comments in our reading records and support us with changing our books.   We learn to read then read to learn!

We teach most areas of the curriculum through the challenge curriculum where the different areas of the curriculum are linked through a common theme for example ‘Who was Rosa Parks?' (History), or ‘What do plants need to grow and survive?' (Science).  

Important things to remember: -

  • We have PE every Monday and Friday– please ensure that your full PE kits are in school for these sessions.
  • Homework is set on a Friday and is due back on the following Tuesday – please ensure you bring it back on time.
  • Reading books are changed as soon as the children have finished a book - we don't wait! - Please ensure your child brings their reading book every day as they start each day with quiet reading. If there are any issues please don't hesitate to ask.
  • Spellings are provided every Monday and tested the following Friday - please ensure your child learns these spellings at home.  We recommend little and often.

Take a look at our learning so far this year 2019-2020

Liverpool World Museum

Year Two went on their first trip this year to the World Museum in Liverpool, to enhance our history topic ‘Dinosaurs’ and our science topic ‘habitats’.  This forms part of our wonderful curriculum enrichment offer at Ashurst, bringing learning to life!  During our visit, we had a workshop called ‘What’s that dinosaur?’  With a bit of help, we could identify and name the key anatomical features. By looking at similarities and differences we discovered how animals can be grouped together or classified, including grouping animals according to diet, behaviour or physical features.  We even got to feel some fossils and some dinosaur poo!  What a brilliant day we had!

Finding 'pulse' with the glockenspiels!

Book Bus Visit to Ashurst

Another visit from the Book Bus today had us very excited!  We were thrilled to see the shelves stacked with our favourite authors and titles.   Enjoy your new books everybody and be sure to make some recommendations to each other!

Maths games - place value

We love playing games on the ipad to help secure our mathematical fluency.  Go to  www.topmarks.co.uk  and give it a try! 

Working in science with University of Manchester

What a brilliant electrical engineering workshop with a real visiting scientist! With a little help, we explored electrical engineering by making our own electrical circuits.  Things really lit up in Year Two today!  We definitely have some future bright sparks in the world of engineering.

Welcome to your new class, Year 2.  Take a look at the fantastic learning and enrichment opportunities that we experienced last year (2018-2019).  Keep checking back to this page for new learning this year.

 A dinosaur visit to Ashurst

As part of our enrichment at Ashurst, we invited Sophie, a life-size animatronic Tryannosaurus to visit our school. Sophie, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, is just seven years old and approaching KS2! She came onto our playground where she let us touch her skin and study her features. Year Two also enjoyed a ‘Long Ago workshop’ which brought prehistoric life into school, taking us back millions of years to discover the wonders of dinosaurs.

Using maths through science 

In science, we used our maths skills to measure in metres how long the dinosaurs were. The longest dinosaur was 40 metres and went across the length of our playground, and more! We worked in teams to move the metre stick and draw lines to represent the length of their bodies.

 Using reading to enhance our learning in history

In our history lesson, we learned about the life of Mary Anning.  We used a number of sources including film, the internet and books.  We read a non-fiction text about her life and then collected facts to place on a sider web.   We worked with our 'Kagan' partner to gather this information.  We then gave our sheet to other 'kagan' partners to see if they could add further information which we may have missed.  Using this information, we then wrote recounts of Mary Anning's life. 

 The story of Moses

As part of our learning about Judaism, we learned about the story of 'Moses'.  We read the story and then use drama to re-create some of the scenes.  We made simple costumes to bring the story to life and took on our roles with great gusto!  We produced extended pieces of writing and created beautiful illustrations of the story. 

Learning about countries and continents

As part of topic learning, we used our geography skills to locate continents on a world map.  A song called 'The seven continents song' helped us recall all seven continents, saying them in order from largest to smallest.  We now understand that a 'continent' is not the same as a 'country'.  Once we could locate the continents, we found at least four countries for each, drawing the flag alongside which we found in the Atlas.  We used 'Google Earth' to support our learning.  Super learning!

Our value this half term is 'Hope'

Our value this half term has supported our Remembrance activities.  We have talked about respect and honour to those who lost their lives serving their country.   We made 30 poppies to go in the wreath.  Every one of the poppies has one of our names on, together with a personal message of respect, and hope for the future. 

Our love of reading!

In reading lessons, we answered 'find and copy' questions on our whole class text 'The dinosaur diary'. We searched the text and found the answers with our highlighter pens. Mrs King challenged us to make up our own 'find and copy' questions.  We are totally absorbed in this text and are loving the adventures of Hypsy and her babies!

Pizza Express

Year Two became chefs for the day at Pizza Express Hope Street, Liverpool.  We made tasty margherita pizzas and tried some different toppings including: olives, basil, peppers and onions. We took our pizzas home in a pizza box and had them for tea!  

Finding the missing number calculations

We used tens and ones tokens to help us solve missing number calculations such as:  ? + 34 = 66 or 130 + ? = 358.  We placed the total amount on the frame using the tens and ones.  This helped us calculate the missing number. 

Book Bus

Children at Ashurst were buzzing with excitement today as the Book Bus came to visit.  Parents arrived early to view the new books.  Year Two were thrilled to find some Roald Dahl books and many new titles.  We are delighted with our purchases. Happy reading everyone!

Fraction Force!

Who are we.... we are the Fraction Force!  Today, in maths, we solved fractions of numbers.  We found halves and quarters of whole numbers, by following a method.  Next we will compare fractions.  We wore our handbands throughout the day looking for fractions.  More fraction work tomorrow for the Fraction Force.

First Aid

A massive thank you to Mrs Ledger and Joshua for a brilliant First Aid session today with Year Two.  We now know how to help someone who is in trouble and may have stopped breathing.  DRSABC - helps us to think about how to help.  Danger, Response, Shout, Airways, Breathing and CPR.  Mrs King was so proud of us! Everyone in class, although some a little nervous, had a go!  Well done everyone.

Our Maths Monster!

Each week, someone in our class takes home the Maths Monster.  We are passionate about maths and are excited to share how we use maths in everyday life at home. Every Friday, someone new will get the chance to take the monster home.  We can't believe how many maths opportunities we have found already!

Maths really is EVERYWHERE! 


World Book Day

What a great day we had celebrating World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite characters and started the morning with Year Six reading to us.  What a treat having our role models inspire us with their great enthusiasm for reading!  Teachers decorated our door with one of our favourite stories ... Esio Trot.  Other classes did a great job too with their 'doorways to learning'.  During the afternoon, we visited 'The Big Booky Swap Shop' in the school hall.  We received a ticket for every book donated which we could redeem for a 'new' book.  There was a buzz in the hall as children found favourite books and favourite authors. 

Our trip to Crosby Beach

Year Two had a wonderful time at Crosby Beach.  We made sandcastles, completed a quiz, found out about the Iron Men and even met the RNLI!  What an amazing day!  The children saw three huge ships passing on their way to Ireland from Liverpool Docks.  We saw Burbo Bank offshore Windfarm and estimated how many wind turbines there are.  Before we left, Mrs King asked us to write positive messages in the sand.  We thought about messages which would change someone's day.  What a great trip!  Some really special memories were made today!