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Excellence Everyday

Artsmark Gold awarded to Ashurst Primary School. 

Celebrating the Arts at Ashurst

At Ashurst Primary School we understand the importance of an enriching culturally based curriculum. Due to recent changes within the school Ashurst is now a place where the Arts are pivotal to all learning opportunities and embraced by all each and every day.  The Arts are part of an entitlement we believe all our children should experience to enrich their learning opportunities, raise aspirations and support their well-being.  Art or DT is timetable once very week but the Arts in various forms are entwined into other curriculum areas throughout the week. 


                                                                                                                                   Arts Leader - Mrs L. Bibby

Our Arts Ambassadors play a key role in the ongoing development of the Arts at Ashurst Primary School and are the voice of the children.  Throughout 2018-19 our Arts Ambassadors will make decisions on future developments in the Arts by gathering evidence from the rest of the school.   They will use their findings to report back to the Art /DT Leader - Mrs Bibby during Art/DT meetings.  These meetings enable us to share our thoughts and ideas along with celebrating the passion and love of learning that our 'outstanding' teaching and learning brings. 

So far we have listened to the views of the children and have arranged more after school activities based around the Arts. Throughout the year we offer, Arts clubs, Glee clubs and Musical Theatre clubs.  



Take a look at some of the amazing artwork that we have on display around the school to showcase the talents of the children at Ashurst.