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Year 4

Meet our fantastic Year 4!

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Maths summer term lessons

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Science Summer 2 Living things and their habitats Lessons


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wk 1 You will find the first week’s resources available via ShareFile https://barnardosuk.sharefile.eu/d-s4d9883f0b9d44afb

Home Learning Weekly Tasks

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Part Two Weekly Home Learning Tasks - From Monday 1st June 

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 b Week_9 Home Learning Sport.pdfDownload
 c Week_10 Home Learning Famous and Significant People.pdfDownload
 d Week_11 Home Learning Rainforests.pdfDownload
 e Week_12 Home Learning Around the World.pdfDownload
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 g Week_14 Home Learning Space.pdfDownload
 h Week_15 Home Learning Transport.pdfDownload
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New Spanish Home Learning

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 Ashurst Lesson 6.pptxDownload
 Spaceman answers for La Cara.docxDownload
 Unit 3 Feliz Cumpleanos activity sheet.pdfDownload
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Miss E. Hunter

Learning Assistant

Mrs J.Williams

 long term plan
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 Ashurst Topic Web Y4 Summer 1.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Mat Earthquakes and Volcanoes.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Mat Living things and their habitat.pdfDownload
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 Ashurst Topic Web Y4 SPRING 2.pdfDownload
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 knowledge mat Digestion.pdfDownload
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 Ashurst Topic Web Y4 Spring 1.pdfDownload
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 knowledge mat rivers.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Mat Sound.pdfDownload
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 Ashurst Topic Web Y4 autumn 1 2019.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Mat Egyptians.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Mat Electricity.pdfDownload
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About the class...

Class Teacher - Miss Hunter

Learning Assistant - Mrs M. Friar 

Year 4 is an exciting year as the children are preparing for Upper Juniors and the roles and responsibilities they will gain. In Year 4 the children are always encouraged to strive for excellence both independently and as part of a team. 

Learning Environment:

We have a safe, caring learning environment where children’s individual talents and achievements are recognised and built upon.  We have both  Numeracy and Literacy working walls and the children are encouraged to develop their independence by accessing the resources when necessary. We have three class computers and have access to 15 laptops and ipads each week, enabling us to have lots of opportunities to develop our computing skills.

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy are taught daily and are often incorporated into other lessons. The activities we complete range from practical to written and they are always differentiated to cater for the different learning needs of the children. Our Literacy lessons are taught around a book such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We use the text to explore grammatical features and to provide us with inspiration for exploring and writing different text types.


We learn about lots of exciting topics through the Learning Challenge Curriculum, such as What were the Romans so powerful? What happens to the food we eat? and Why is the River Mersey so important to Liverpool? To enhance our learning, we aim to take part in exciting trips, such as visiting Tate Liverpool, have the opportunity to learn playing the recorder. Click on the 'Curriculum Overview' document, for more information.

Additional Information:

Homework is set on a Friday and should be handed in by the following Friday.

Take a look at our learning so far this year 2019-2020

Multiplication Tables

Year 4 use a range of strategies and activities to practise their multiplication tables. They enjoy using I pads to access TT Rockstars and Topmarks games but one of their favourite games has to be bingo.

The Book Bus

Year 4 pupils visited The Book Bus and were delighted to see some of their favourite books and have the opportunity to explore new titles.

Visit from The University of Manchester Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 Year 4 participated in a workshop where they designed and made a circuit for their own smart gadget. Pupils took part in a Question and Answer session with Alex an Associate Professor from The University of Manchester and found out all about careers and studies in Electronic Engineering. We now have some budding engineers at Ashurst!

Lego Rovers

We loved our Lego Rovers workshop delivered by The University of Liverpool's Computer Science Department. We navigated our own space rover, saw the effect of the time delay between the Earth, the Moon and Mars, and experimented with automation rules based on concepts from artificial intelligence programming.

Working Scientifically - Using Microscopes

Year 4 used microscopes, which we loaned from the Royal Microscopical Society, to practice our working scientifically skills. We closely observed different solids and were able to group and classify them and record our findings.


DT - Adapting a recipe

 During our DT topic we sampled and evaluated a range of biscuits. Then, working to a budget, we made our biscuits and designed our own packaging. Finally, we sold our delicious cookies at the Christmas Fair.


We have been learning to explore different materials and drawing techniques this term. We experimented with hatching, cross hatching and stippling, with different grades of pencil and pens, to create texture in our drawing.

Letters from our Spanish pen-friends

We have enjoyed writing to our new Spanish friends and showcasing the knowledge and vocabulary we have acquired this half term. When we received our letters, we were thrilled. It has been wonderful to learn all about them.

Games Using Electrical Circuits

 Year 4 loved applying their knowledge of complete and incomplete circuits to design and make games using an electrical circuit. They learned lots from the challenges they faced along the way and felt a real sense of accomplishment when playing with the finished products. 

Investigating Electrical Conductors and Insulators

 As part of our Science topic about Electricity, pupils investigated which materials are insulators and which make good conductors of electricity.


During our music topic Mamma Mia, pupils have enjoyed learning to play G and A notes on a recorder to then perform the song. 


Pupils have been learning to explore different commands and share challenges with their Kagan group.