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Mental Health and Wellbeing at Ashurst

At Ashurst we have a team who are passionate and dedicated to Mental Health and Wellbeing for all within the 'Family of Ashurst'.  We believe that creating a positive culture around mental health and wellbeing with highly effective support in place ensures everyone achieves their potential and feels valued.

Every child is important and we want to ensure we unlock their potential enabling them to achieve their goals.  We believe that every child should be valued, feel safe and cared for at Ashurst.

If your child is upset or worried and needs someone to listen to them then please encourage them to speak to any adult in school who will inform Miss Golding.

If you have a worry about your child at school please contact Miss Golding, Mrs Houghton or Mrs O'Brien on 01744 678150.

Meet the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

Miss Golding

Pastoral Manager

Mrs Houghton


Mrs O'Brien 


Mr Bailey