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SEMH Provision at Ashurst - The PLACE







 PACE - Shalamar Children

 The SEMH provision is based on the PACE principles which is a trauma-informed approach to supporting children and young people based on building trusting relationships , emotional connections, containment and a sense of security to enable children to thrive.  More information about this approach can be seen in the document below.

Staffing in The PLACE

Class Teacher- Leader of SEMH Provision

Miss R. Twist

Learning Assistant

Mrs L. Wilkinson

Learning Assistant

Mr R. Winders

SEMH Provision - The PLACE

We are delighted to offer a SEMH provision at Ashurst.  This will be up and running from September 2023.


The provision will consist of an identified resource fully integrated within a mainstream school setting which clearly demonstrates an inclusive ethos with a community focus.


The provision will not be considered a separate building with a unique identity, rather it is a cluster of spaces within the school which will provide opportunities, depending on the type and extent of a child/young person’s individual needs, targets and general development, for them to link into the activities and learning of mainstream classes as appropriate.


We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which encompasses the National Curriculum and takes account of the age and individual needs of each pupil; to ensure and enable appropriate progress and attainment. The amount of time individual children and young people spend in the mainstream classes will vary depending on each of their needs. For some short amounts of time on a very specific activity with support may be appropriate, while others may benefit from participating in one or more areas of the curriculum for increasing periods of time.


Children and young people will have access to specialist teaching in small groups, speech and language input, sensory integration and motor skills development opportunities and suitable mainstream quality first teaching.


The provision has staff appointed with specific skills, qualifications and experience to join the staff of the school. They will plan for the appropriate teaching and learning activities to take place in an environment which best suits each child and young person’s personal profile of social, emotional and academic development.


The whole school staff team at Ashurst will see themselves as having a responsibility to work with these children and young people who will be on the school role; the whole staff group will receive training which equips them to work effectively and appropriately with all the children and young people in the school. Through such a model the whole staff will become more skillful and confident to work with a more diverse pupil population.

All the staff at Ashurst have received training in relation to providing effective support for children attending our SEMH provision and part of our 'Family at Ashurst'


All the children and young people in the school will show a greater awareness and understanding of the diversity and richness of our community in St Helens.


The provision has maximum capacity of 8 children all with EHCPs that are are reviewed by the SENCO and Headteacher.



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